Accurate forecasts are a vital indicator of your company’s financial performance. Essential business functions like hiring, scheduling, inventory planning, and resource allocation are a guessing game without an accurate understanding of future demand trends.

Sales 360 correlates external demand variables with your company’s historical sales data. By gauging the influence of these common variables, Sales 360 helps organizations produce a predictive sales forecast within a 95% confidence interval.

Sales360 Benefits:

The Sales 360 solution helps businesses identify trends and fluctuations in demand – allowing for more accurate revenue predictions and proactive resource allocation. The solution provides the visibility and confidence you need to capitalize on demand opportunities and to increase bottom-line profitability.

  • Develop accurate demand insights based on historical and predictive data
  • Identify seasonal trends to prioritize future sales focus
  • Optimize merchandise allocation and inventory planning
  • Isolate and optimize pricing and positioning in underperforming areas

Know the road ahead.

Eliminate uncertainty in your business decisions with a comprehensive understanding of demand. Because when you have an accurate sales forecast that empowers the effective allocation of people and resources, you mitigate unnecessary costs and maximize your company’s profits.

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