Understanding the fundamental origins of your profitability is crucial for improving the financial performance of your company. But as business strategies evolve and processes become more sophisticated, the relationship between profit and cost (both direct and indirect) is an increasingly gray area.

The Profit360 solution provides organizations with comprehensive picture of their profitability– including key factors like deconstructed product performance, company procedures, and customer segmentation.

Profit360 Benefits:

Profit360 delivers precise information on the profits and costs related to your company’s products, processes, and customers – providing empirical support for the reallocation of resources, and allowing you to capitalize on opportunities for growth. Armed with this data, you can make confident business decisions about new product offerings, expansion, training, staffing, and inventory.

  • Understand cost to profit ratio for every product
  • Focus your sales efforts on customers with the highest potential for profitability
  • Isolate and eliminate under-performing products or services

Profit requires perspective.

The Pareto Principle (or 80/20 rule) explains how many companies obtain 80% of their profit from 20% of their offerings. By understanding and leveraging that 20%, you can gain perspective on your most profitable products and services and maximize your bottom line.

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