As your organization grows, business performance becomes increasingly dependent on the performance of your people.

But the rapid adoption of automation in the workplace has shifted the contribution of individual employees from repetitive tasks to more complex, multifaceted problem-solving – introducing a new set of challenges for the accurate evaluation and productive management of individuals and teams.

The People360 solution empowers employers to effectively quantify their team’s performance, identify opportunities to improve productivity, and minimize figurative waste in the workplace.

People360 Benefits:

People360 provides organizations with a comprehensive understanding of their team as a whole, and at the individual staff level – allowing you to measure performance, isolate trends, and identify opportunities for improvement across your organization. This solution provides quantitative support for critical business activities like performance evaluations, staffing, and variable incentive plans.

  • Gain insight into the performance of your team and individual employees
  • Evaluate and correlate every employee transaction with business performance
  • Identify and eliminate non-productive activities across your team

Give your team the spark it needs.

People are the heart of every organization. Leveraging data to align their individual actions with business objectives not only eliminates management guesswork, it improves profitability by igniting the performance of your team.


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