Most organizations are now drowning in data and starved for information. This appears in different ways:

Alyx addresses these issues by adding new capabilities to your existing reporting and analytics environment and toolset.

The ancient Library of Alexandria in Egypt had the largest collection of information in the classical world. But descriptions of the library emphasize the way in which this information was used. As a center for learning it brought together people from all over the world and provided ways for them to find and utilize the information.

Alyx provides similar capabilities for the modern organization.

thinkstockphotos-webicons-copy-2-copy-copy Studies indicate that business people spend 80% of their time searching for information or re-creating it. Find existing data. Fast.
rocketship Get the overview of what data you have. See the spaces where you lack data compared to your industry.
binoculars Get notified of discrepancies in data movement or app performance such as queries, dashboards and reports.

Data Completeness
rocketship Data goes through a lot of manipulations on its way to dashboards and reports. See these dependencies and the impact of any failures.
Automated Data Testing
rocketship New data sources or new processing can lead to bad data. Automated tests can detect problems and provide notification.
Quality Stamps
rocketship Establishing standards and stamping datasets and reports with a quality stamp provides confidence to make business decisions.
rocketship Quickly see what reports or analytics will be affected by a data change in order to assess the cost of remediation.

rocketship Automatically creating an inventory of new data sets. Making reuse and consistency a snap.
Data Peformance
brainwave Queries should run at the speed of thought. If they don’t – the right person should know about it right away.
Ringing the data bell
loudspeaker Sometimes the key data is simply not yet in place. Provide notifications to let people know when new data is available and complete.
Business Definitions
thinkstockphotos-webicons-copy-2 Empowering everyone in an organization to use and discuss data rather than depending on a small group of data gurus.

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