Getting the reporting and analytics engine humming

Organizations are often investing in areas that don’t do much to improve the efficiency or effectiveness of their reporting and analytics efforts. The assumption has been that working actively with Business Intelligence (BI) tools in report development is where the bulk of the effort occurs. Therefore investing heavily in the latest report and analysis development tools would seem to […]

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Data for everyone!

Sharing data with large numbers of external users is generally difficult and expensive. Many organizations would like to share more regularly updated data and invite more collaboration with large groups of people who are not their employees. Customers Vendors or suppliers Members of a not for profit organization Part-time or contract employees The public This […]

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Finding, Exploring and Sharing: Three ways to increase analytics development and adoption

Finding the data you need

Ever lose your car keys? I don’t mean really lose, I mean lose somewhere in your home. You know they are there and you will find them eventually, but not after a frustrating and time consuming search. You try to back track your last memory of the keys, ransacking your home, and mentally kicking yourself […]

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The easiest and most truthful business data

In going about our everyday work lives we all throw off data just like a cloud of dust. When we swipe our badge to enter our office, send an email or pick up the phone we leave a data record. Looking at this data at an individual level isn’t very useful. Does knowing that Sally […]

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The Goddess of Data

When I interviewed the goddess of data it was obvious she had a lot of talents. She understood data structures, databases, programming, reporting tools and more. She understood the business and was a great communicator. Everyone knew her and she could often point someone to the right data set with a thirty-second hallway conversation. Everyone […]

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Forecasting Sales for $10 per Month

The price and capability of analytics and statistical tools has changed dramatically in the last few years. An excellent example is a predictive model to forecast sales for a multi-location, multi-department retailer. A few years ago this would have required thousands of dollars of software and high-end hardware. Now the open-source R statistical language can […]

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The Price of Cloud Analytics: Comparing cost, value, risk and timing to traditional BI applications

New cloud-based analytics tools like Amazon Quicksight, Microsoft Power BI and Looker promise to change the world of reporting and analytics. How do these new tools change your planning for hardware, software, training and adoption? What is the typical purchase and configuration time compared to traditional analytics tools? Cloud Analytics tools typically have a backing […]

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Turn a blank page into a dashboard with a Design Language

Sitting down to create a dashboard often feels like starting from a blank sheet of paper. With most modern business intelligence tools that’s exactly what if looks like as well. Since we’re all under pressure to create high-quality dashboards quickly how can we structure our approach to go quickly from blank page to finished product? […]

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No data, no deal: How pseudoscience can hurt your business

Think about how often people quote scientific studies in our everyday lives. You don’t often hear conversation about the hypotheses or methods of an empirical research paper, but you’ve undoubtedly been on the receiving end of an over-simplified version of a study on social media, or a fuzzy statistic quoted in an off-hand remark. This […]

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Letting the data speak without interruption

In many – if not most – situations, humans are terrible at making decisions. Despite our good intentions, we’ve been known to act rashly, become paralyzed by indecision, or allow our judgement to become clouded. We have a tendency to draw conclusions based on limited information or self-interest. And we are at the mercy of […]

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