All organizations are under pressure to be more responsive and quickly make decisions in the most efficient manner. Most have already purchased reporting and analytics applications and hired skilled staff. The pressure is to make use of these tools and people and show results. This webinar includes:

  • Using quality stamps to provide confidence in data quality so that decisions can be made quickly.
  • How a simple checklist can help quantify the effort involved in building a desired report or analytic.
  • Get an overview of the most commonly used management frameworks for prioritizing and delivering reports and analytics to your organization.
  • An outline of how standups, backlogs and other concepts from agile software development can increase the effectiveness of your team’s development of reports.
  • Leveraging free open-source web testing technologies to provide ongoing verification of report and data accuracy.
  • Developing an efficient triage methodology for managing the flood of information requests without frustration or friction.

This webinar provides proven techniques based on our twenty years of experience. Techniques that can be used right away without additional investments.

Our Presenter:


Bill Henderson

Perkins Consulting President