How much time does your organization spend searching for and organizing data? Could report developers and consumers be made much more efficient if they could easily find the reports and data that already exist? How can you do this without spending time inventorying data and writing documentation about reports?


Watch our webinar to learn:

  • How powerful search capabilities for reports and data can be provided without anyone manually creating and maintaining documentation.
  • Why Google built an platform for automatically discovering and documenting data sets from spreadsheets to databases. How this same approach can be used by any organization.
  • Building an internal directory of your data experts using the data exhaust from their everyday activities.
  • How linking to a standard business vocabulary sets the stage for new interfaces to your data such as bots and voice.
  • Techniques for rapidly bringing new hires up to speed on your business through interfaces that allow them to explore your data.

This webinar outlines techniques that we’ve been developing over many years. Techniques that can be used right away without additional investments.