Letter from Perkins Consulting President, Bill Henderson:

Perkins Consulting is providing an opportunity for the right person to begin their data science career path. We’ll provide a range of work experience in data manipulation, analytics, visualization and software development for a competitive salary.

In return, we ask for someone with the initiative, intelligence and enthusiasm to take advantage of this opportunity. Perkins Consulting is not a large company, but we think big about our services and the best ways to bring value to our clients. We are passionate about project execution, meeting deadlines, delivering value, and continuing to learn.

In this position, you will learn to utilize a range of tools such as Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server, SQL Server, JavaScript, PowerShell, R and Python to develop products and tools for our clients. Your focus will be on predictable, high-quality delivery that adds value for our customers. We’ll train you to contribute to design, modeling, test planning and development. Our methodology focuses on continuous deployment and ongoing operations, so you’ll want to be involved in these activities.

At Perkins Consulting, you’ll experience an innovative environment that places high value on the person as well as the position. If you are looking for a long-term relationship with the ability to further your technical and leadership skills, then let’s talk! The first step is to submit your resume and cover letter in the form below.

For the motivated individual who can answer “yes” to the following questions, this is the opportunity for you:

  • Do you enjoy learning new technologies and applying proven approaches to new projects?
  • Can you discuss your experience making tough trade-offs?
  • Do you have experience in proving, testing and convincing others of the correctness of your work?
  • Can you communicate complex ideas?
  • Do you enjoy improving processes and seeing the results?
  • Are you a person who likes multi-tasking between two or three different projects in a week?
  • Are you excited by the opportunities for personal growth and influence offered by a small firm?
  • Do you want the stability of a 20-year company history with a long-standing and proven record of success?

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If you think this position is right for you, please use the following form to apply:

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