Companies today are increasingly dependent on technology to inform their business decisions. And even though business leaders have access to more data than ever before, the contextual support for that data has become largely inaccessible or – in some cases – nonexistent. In order to effectively leverage data for informed decisions, leaders need more than just information alone – they need the metadata (or informational context) that surrounds it.

The Alyx solution allows organizations to search and maintain information. It provides the context and background necessary for leaders to make educated business decisions by creating a common understanding of key business metrics.

Alyx Benefits:

Alyx eliminates ambiguity in your business by removing the guesswork in data classification and queries. By promoting a unified, comprehensive understanding of critical business terms, the solution elevates information to intelligence, rapidly advancing your business insights and improving your decision-making process.

  • Build an accessible online glossary of key company metrics
  • Remove ambiguity in workplace interactions
  • Expedite decision making with a collective understanding of classifications

Finding Rather Than Searching


Studies indicate that business people spend 80% of their time searching for information or re-creating it. Alyx allows existing information to be easily and quickly found.

Automated Data Testing

Knowing that all of the data that underlies a given report or dashboard is up to date and complete expedites business decision making.


Business Definitions


Empowering everyone in an organization to use and discuss data rather than depending on a small group of data gurus.

Impact Analysis

Quickly see what reports or analytics will be affected by a data change in order to assess the cost of remediation.


Fuel your data with intelligence.

Much like the legendary Library of Alexandria, the Alyx Solution provides a lexicon for education and common understanding. Before you can effectively leverage data in your business insights, your company must have a contextual understanding of key metrics and terms – elevating your analytics from information to intelligence.

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