At Perkins Consulting, we’re in the business of making information powerful.

Our internal culture embodies what we bring to our clients: clarity in the face of complexity. We are passionate about helping companies translate data into actionable insight and result, no matter the challenge. Our core values articulate this culture – they are our guiding tenets, informing every decision we make and every action we take.

Embrace Complexity

Perkins Consulting is a culture of constant learning – and we never shy away from the tough questions and problems. We embrace complexity as an opportunity to do the exciting, challenging, and interesting work that compels each of us individually, and together as a business.

Enable Powerful Decision Making

We’re in the business of helping our clients succeed. That means our work is more than just harnessing and analyzing data – we bring insights and understanding to our clients, nurturing an environment of tangible business results through powerful decision making.

Create Focus

Progress is a product of focus. Which is why we strive to create intentional focus in everything we do – within our clients’ businesses and our own. At Perkins Consulting, we incite progress by honing in on what matters most, and implementing a strategy to effect change – efficiently.

Own It

At Perkins Consulting, we believe in taking ownership of our work. That means not only providing companies with access to data, but also holding ourselves accountable to creating actionable results to help our clients grow and improve.

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