At Perkins Consulting, our purpose lies in providing clarity and direction, so our clients can transform complex information into powerful solutions.

Compete on your data.

The rapid adoption of technology has given companies access to more data than ever before – and that access is only increasing. Today, businesses looking to outperform their competitors must be able to translate data into fast and actionable insights.

We make information powerful.

Enter Perkins Consulting. We don’t just provide access to data – we make information powerful. We’ve found that approaches focusing exclusively on technology or data volume fall short when it comes to turning data into actionable insights. That’s why we’ve developed a customized approach that empowers companies to make business decisions with confidence.

All of our client engagements are built around four pillars:

  • Direction – Improved business performance stems from deliberate focus. We align all of our customized solutions to your unique business strategy and objectives.
  • Trust – The first step to creating actionable business insights is having confidence in your information. We hold ourselves accountable for ensuring that your data is accurate, well-defined, and accessible.
  • Roles – We empower your team by establishing clearly defined roles, which streamline communication and facilitate informed decision making.
  • Processes – Effectively leveraging data is only half the battle. We take pride in providing the tools and systems you need to not only gain business insights, but also implement and execute on them.

Finding answers is easy. The hard part is creating the map that matches specific answers to the right question.   – George Dyson, Scientific Historian

To compete on your data, you need more than just a provider – you need a partner. Our team has been helping our clients harness their data for improved efficiency, increased profitability, and a competitive edge in their industry for over 20 years. Each of our comprehensive suite of solutions offer data-driven insights, operational optimization, and predictive capabilities to make your business more competitive in these fast-changing times.

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