At Perkins Consulting, we make information powerful by integrating, enhancing and delivering data so that it becomes actionable information, aligned with your unique business strategy.

The Perkins Way

Perkins Consulting employs a proven framework to maximize the benefit of every client engagement.

1. Assess

Perkins Consulting starts with an exhaustive analysis of the current state of your business and systems.

  • Evaluate existing data and analytical tools
  • Discuss prevailing business challenges
  • Organize data sources and prioritize objectives
  • Develop a strategy and plot a course of action

2. Enhance

Using our clients’ existing volumes of information, we integrate and organize data to shed light on key focus areas and develop insights for actionable change.

  • Add context, descriptions, and dimensions to enhance data
  • Design custom applications to harness and leverage information

3. Deliver

We make your information powerful by turning complex datasets into simplified business solutions.

  • Deliver the right information, to the right people, in the right format
  • Provide actionable insights to support procedural changes, resource allocation, and defined operating roles
  • Empower your company to implement and execute it with confidence

4. Reflect

We continually assess our process and progress to ensure we are constantly optimizing our approach.

  • Measure performance outcomes
  • Determine drivers for success
  • Refine and perfect, so you stay on the competitive edge of your field

Your success is our success. Our proprietary approach does more than streamline your internal processes – we empower you to make confident business decisions, increase performance, and propel your company forward. That’s how we make information powerful.

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